is a community of bloggers who have similar running goals, drive, or interest in the sport.

The Roster:
(List last updated 4/11/07 - we recommend using an RSS feed to keep up with your favorite bloggers.)
Alison - One Track Mind (Site administrator. If you need to get in touch, leave a comment on my blog.)
Alweiss - The Rat Race*
Ann - Strive With Things Impossible*
Barb - Hard Work
Becky - Running Commentary
Beth - The Trial of Miles; Miles of Trials
Blondie - The Long Run*
Bridget - Miles to Go
Caitlin - Long Distance Runaround
E-Beth's Blog*
Greg - My Track Record
Jacob - Jacob's Running Log
James - A Slacker's Running Blog*
Jenandmats - Mad, mad mission
Jessie - It's Supposed to Hurt*
Joe Positive - Wake Up and Smell the Asphalt
Lilly - Miles in the Bank*
Liz - Action in the Line of the Greatest Resistance
Mary - Good Strides
Megan - Heart and Nerve and Sinew*
Meghan - Into the Impossible
Ryan - Easy Gait
*Currently inactive